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Truth Reviews

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‘I enjoyed the story ’

Susan Barker, UK



‘ I am very much enjoying reading Truth… you write very well and tell the story well…

It is a novel with very relevant contemporary concerns and links… I think you achieve ambiguity, if that is the right word, in Truth. Ruth, and I couldn't help wondering if the choice of name was deliberate. Ruth is 80% of truth and also steadfast among the alien corn if I remember my Bible correctly is torn in many ways and by many self chosen demands. The unsympathetic boss Stephen may seem a bit predictable but works well I think. The underlying tension in Ruth and Phil's marriage is well portrayed. I would certainly not like to be married to a vicar of either sex, it sounds like a 24/7 job…

I enjoyed reading it and look forward to the next one.’

Robert Kyte, Oxford



‘Great latest book’

Chris Martin, Gamlingay



‘Really enjoyed the last book a great read on the plane to South Africa at times a bit near home!

Thanks. Great read ’

Cate Edmonds, Dorset



‘Truth makes compelling reading. Really enjoyed it.'

Jen Appleby, Plymouth



‘Highly recommended!’

Josefina Gori, Ottery St Mary



‘…finished it today. Really enjoyed it - excellent story, slowly revealed in a fast-paced narrative.

Excellent central character too and really good on clergy life.

...thank you so much for the book - I loved it.’

Mother Anna Stuttard, Edmonton, London



‘A short note to thank you for your novel 'Truth'. I really enjoyed it. You are a great storyteller and I was gripped from the start and found it difficult to put down. I ended up reading it within three days - it's a real page-turner, with so many twists and turns…

I thought the terrorist angle was intriguing as it was not the usual sort of approach and that made it more interesting and different. Britain is so insular today and we tend to ignore the many tensions around the world that don't impact on us directly.’

Angela Kyte, Oxford

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