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Suggested Bookclub Questions

1.  DS April Cooper is the central character in this novel. What kind of person is she?

2.  The novel is set in a London that has seen plague pandemics. The latest is given the name C20. What does society feel                   like? In what kind of atmosphere is the story set?

3.  Christian Howard is a major character. What kind of man is he and what has made him to be the kind of person he has                      turned out to be?

4.  Another part of the story is life within the police, in particular within the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command (CTC). Does                 this make the story read like a crime novel?

5.  April Cooper learned a technique from her police mentor Bob Steer which involves taking time to walk, ponder and give                 space to reflect? Do you think that is a beneficial practice for a) policing and b) life generally?

6.  The story introduces the reader to wider themes in society, the ways in which the extreme right might operate on the one                hand and the way democratic politics handles things on the other. What would you say are the main societal and political                themes that arise in this novel?

7.  There are two key social groupings portrayed, the institutions of law enforcement and the extreme right wing                                    (XRW). What is the relationship between the two?

8.  April’s police team emerges in the story. How well do you think you know the team’s characters and what do you think is                 happening between April and Clive?

9.  Overall, how did you feel the story line developed, and did the ending satisfy you?

10. What does the reader take away from this book?

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