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Suggested Bookclub Questions

1.  The Nahari family are at the centre of the novel. What kind of family are they?

2.  Raqiyah Nahari's life is covered extensively and the reader now knows her better than ever. How would you describe the                 Raqiyah you see here? What future do you see for her?

3.  Adam Taylor has moved on from student life to employment as a foreign correspondent. He is an outsider to Oman and                   the Nahari family. How well does he handle his new situation? Is it possible to cross cultures?

4.  Abdul Aziz's story features at length in the earlier part of the story. What are the highs and lows for him? What were the                 main challenges he faces and how well did he cope with them? How does knowing his story help you understand Raqiyah               better?

5.  In the novel, Adam and Raqiyah 's relationship enters a new stage. What kind of relationship is possible for them? Do you               think they have a future

6.  The political scene in Oman sets a back cloth before which a drama plays out. Is this political scenario realistic? Is this                       what could happen if a formerly stable state collapses? What are the key factors, the critical indicators that lead things                     toward a civil war?

7.  Hassim's story is also extensively told. What kind of character is he - a kind brother? A responsible family man? A                               terrorist? A religious extremist? What positive as well as negative qualities did he have?

8.  How did you feel the storyline developed, and did the ending satisfy you? What do you think happens to Raqiyah and                     Adam next?

9.  What does the reader take away from this book?

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