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Harry's England
Suggested Bookclub Questions

1.  Harry McNamara is the central character. What kind of personality is he? How did you find his family?

2.  The plot depends on groups of people being susceptible to manipulation. Are people easily led?

3.  The Circle is a shadowy sinister group. They are interested in political power. How does that relate to the world we live in?

4.  April Cooper is the central police character. What do you make of her, the police and the Prevent programme? How does               one tackle extremism?

5.  Adam Taylor and Raqiyah Nahawi's relationship is complex. What are the key elements you can identify? Has it a future?

6.  The South West of England provides the setting for this novel. Could events like those described ever happen here? Was                the novel believable?

7.  How did you feel the story line developed and did the ending satisfy?

8.  Key themes in the author's writing are 'us' and 'them' – and how community works. Why did you think the author wrote                   these stories?

9.  What does the reader take away from this book?

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