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Harry's Awakening
Suggested Bookclub Questions

1.  The story picks up Harry’s life from the end of ‘Harry’s England’. Did the opening chapter enable you to reconnect with                     Harry?

2.  Harry is a character who has strengths and weaknesses. What would you say these were?

3.  The novel is entirely set within the South West of England. Did this work for you?

4.  Harry’s family, his grandfather Michael, father Patrick and mother Bev all play a part in shaping Harry’s life. What are their               respective contributions?

5.  Harry and Cherry have a relationship. What kind of relationship is it? What other key relationships are there in this novel?

6.  The political background to the story is one where populist right wing views gain ground. Opportunities to promote such               views exist through on line activism? Is this a contemporary concern?

7.  McNamara Metals becomes the base for Harry and the plot. Did you feel you knew what kind of place this was?

8.  How did you feel the story line developed, and did the ending satisfy you?

9.  What does the reader take away from this book?

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