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Paperback copy of Flashbacks by J.E Hall.

Print Length: 462 pages

Language: English

Publisher: Ottery Books

Dimensions:  21.59 x 13.97 x 2.67cm


©2017 Ottery Books


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SKU: Flash1
  • Adam Taylor from Muswell Hill, north London, goes on an adventurous solo cycle ride before going to university. It ends unexpectedly. Is his life over? His identity is stolen and Ali Muhammed, an IS terrorist, is sent to London. Can he be stopped? Helping out at a church run Day Centre for migrants, Kaylah Kone naively befriends Ali and is groomed by him. She is worried about her brother Clive, trying to make out in a gang culture of drugs and crime. What will happen to all these characters whose lives are interwoven in a plot to shake the capital?

    Extremism is a key issue of these times, whether religious or right wing. Its impact on contemporary society, in particular Christian-Muslim relations is profound. Terrorist acts on the streets of a capital city are especially shocking and invoke widespread fear in the population. Such acts are difficult to understand, the lives of the perpetrators impenetrable. This book takes the reader on a journey and in Flashbacks, the reader meets people caught up in the tensions and crisis of contemporary society.

    In following Ali, Adam and Kaylah’s stories, the reader shares their adventures and inter-twined lives. Taken on an extraordinary journey that builds to a climax in London on 11 November, Armistice Day, the burning questions are - where will the story lead for the three and can personal and national disasters be averted before it is too late?

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